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CNS Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that supports all marketers.

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Marketing research
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Marketing monitor
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Market Research Market Research
Developing products and services that meet
customer’s needs
Determines customer expectations and unmet needs
Determines receptivity and marketability of products and services
Develops highly-marketable products
and services
Builds a sales strategy based on analysis of the market and customers
Market analysis
Determines the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s products and services
Develops and evaluate an operating manual and sales scripts
Improving Customer Satisfaction
Training and Staff Deployment
Training and deployment of marketing staff
Determines the degree of customer satisfaction
Determines the level of customer satisfaction and how they are promoted currently
Identifies factors hindering customer satisfaction
Devises a customer satisfaction plan
Fosters a marketing mind-set
Trains marketing staff
Deploys research staff
Customer satisfaction training
ESOMAR Membership Information
CNS Co., Ltd is a member of ESOMAR and adheres to
all international research standards and guidelines.